NickMom: Community Guidelines

Mom's rules are non-negotiable, right? Right!? Well, we hope you'll abide by our rules the way you WISH your kids would follow yours.

Your Identity

Even though you may choose not to share your real-life identity with the community, that doesn't give you the right to misrepresent yourself or to pose as someone else. If you're an astronaut superhero monkey-trainer, that's totally amazing. Like, seriously, how did you get that job? But if you're not, don't say you are. Nobody likes lying liars who lie.

User-Generated Content

Here at NickMom, we strongly encourage you to submit funny photos, videos and commentary. However, there are a couple of things to remember when you're reading stuff posted by other users like yourself. NickMom doesn't necessarily monitor, verify or endorse all user-generated content. So if mommy-loves-margaritas29 makes a joke at Gwyneth Paltrow's expense, don't think she's speaking on our behalf.

Submission Tips

If you find something funny on another site, blog, Tumblr, whatever, you should definitely send us a link. While we are scouring the Interwebs for funny 24/7, we're not robots and cannot possibly see it all. So alert us to funny stuff you see out there. But DO NOT submit a photo, video or any other material as your own if it isn't actually yours. Remember what we said about lying liars who lie? It's simple: DO NOT upload copyrighted material as your own. Even if the photo or video is yours, a couple of things to consider: If there are other people—especially children—in it besides you or your kids, you should get permission from everyone involved before submitting it. Also, if there is anything in the photo that could indicate where you live—if your kid's wearing a school T-shirt for example—don't use it.

Report Abuse

Don't be a jerk. If you come across a post that violates our Terms of Use, don't respond in kind—report it! You can email us at to let us know about any inappropriate comments. But note, just because you don't agree with what someone posts doesn't mean it actually constitutes abuse. Read through it a couple of times, give it a minute to sink in and check out our Terms of Use to verify whether it does indeed cross the line. If you do decide to make a report, our editors will investigate and take what they consider to be appropriate action.

Play Nice

If you ARE a jerk, there'll be proof of your bad behavior. Don't harass, attack, name-call, insult, ridicule, mock or threaten other members. Ever. No matter what! If you do go after a fellow user, we will get rid of your distasteful comments and maybe even suspend you from the site. We reserve the right to edit or delete any comments or ban any user, with or without notice, at any time and for any reason, but we're under no obligation to delete anything that you may find personally objectionable.

Keep It Clean

Sure, we get a little bawdy sometimes, but that doesn't mean you have to stoop to our level. You can gripe and bitch but please, no offensive names, extreme obscenities, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise derogatory remarks, and absolutely nothing pornographic. And don't link to any other sites that violate this rule, either.

No Yelling

OH MY GOD HOW ANNOYING ARE ALL-CAPS POSTS, RIGHT?! So don't do it. It's OK to love or hate something, and it's OK to share that opinion. But make your entire comment one big cap-fest and people may be offended (and ANNOYED).

No Spamming

You know how irritating it is to find 27 messages in your inbox, all spam? Well, don't be part of the epidemic. We know your new home business that you just started is the bestest thing ever — but spamming just isn't cool, so don't do it. NickMom doesn't necessarily monitor, verify or endorse all outside links that are posted by others, so click at your own risk. We also reserve the right to remove links as we see fit.

Don't Hijack

While we welcome lively discussions and even a little controversy, do not intentionally post inflammatory issues on unrelated pages, or direct users to heated comment threads in order to rope more people into the conversation. We're all about the funny. So while this IS the place to have some fun with the TIME "Are You Mom Enough?" cover story, this is NOT the place to debate the finer points of attachment parenting.

You actually read this whole thing, didn't you?! You must be our biggest fan! Now go and have some LOLs on us, you've earned it.

—The NickMom Team.