Adrienne Hedger and Shannon Seip

Adrienne Hedger and Shannon SeipAdrienne Hedger and Shannon Seip
Adrienne Hedger is a mom to two young girls and the author and illustrator of parenting humor books The World According to Toddlers, Momnesia and If These Boobs Could Talk. She also designs greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings, a division of American Greetings. However, she spends most of her time trying to tie her five-year-olds shoes (They're too tight, mommy! Now they're too loose! Now they're too tight! NOOOO!). On the rare occasion that she ties the shoes correctly, she steals a few moments of freedom to post stories and cartoons on her website, and on her "Hedger Humor" Facebook page.

Shannon Payette Seip is the author of laugh-out-loud mom books, including Momnesia and The World According to Toddlers. She is the founder of the nation's leading hip and healthy kids' cafe, Bean Sprouts, and has appeared on Good Morning America and Martha Stewart Radio. Shannon has two spirited young boys who enjoy dunking their heads in ice water, taking their clothes off at dinner, and dismantling the neighbor's rock wall.