Back of the Class

Back of the ClassBack of the Class
Back of the Class is an internet sketch comedy group based in Los Angeles, composed of members Max "Stache" Dionne, Jesse "Tall" Porter, and Brett "Brett" Weiner. While none of the members of Back of the Class currently have children, they've discussed the possibility of acquiring some (although it seems really complicated, so they probably won't). The group is perhaps most well-known within the mom community for their satirical hair-metal anthem "My Mom's On Facebook," which the Mothers Daily Gazette would have hailed as "an amusing send-up of our generational technological idiosyncrasies" if such a newspaper existed.

When they're not busy writing and producing internet videos, the members of Back of the Class don't really talk to each other. You can follow the group on Twitter or view their work on their YouTube channel. (Or, for a more personalized stalking experience, here's Max's Twitter, Brett's Tumblr, and Jesse's website.)