Top 9 Accidentally Funny People In Your Life

VIA: George Boyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock
They might not know it, but many of those everyday people in your life are WAY MORE HILARIOUS than they think.
The co-worker suggesting you “brighten up” your face with some lipstick.
The single friend who invites you to go clubbing.
Your mother-in-law urging you to have another child.
The mailman suggesting that you start subscribing to “More” magazine.
Your husband volunteering to babysit the kids for a weekend.
The child who screams “I hate you” because you failed to provide him with a plate of Oreos before dinner.
Your mother who buys you Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.
The class mom who asks you to volunteer for class trips.
The childless friend who invites you to meet her out for lunch “whenever you have free time.”
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