Top 9 Awkward Ways To Announce You're Pregnant

VIA: David Woolley/Photodisc/Thinkstock
Invite your family and friends to watch you pee on a Clearblue stick.
Point to a construction worker with a large gut and scream, "That’s gonna be me in a few months!"
Buy a box of tampons, throw them in a bonfire and shout, "So long, suckers!"
Tell your husband to enjoy his last few months of having normal access to all the electrical outlets.
Vomit on someone's shoes, point to your stomach and say, "Blame this guy."
Describe in vivid detail the night you believe you conceived and say, "Luckily I stayed awake."
Ask, "Anyone want to hear what happened at my transvaginal ultrasound today?"
Glue a gold star on the crotch of your husband's pants and repeat, "Job well done."
Constantly chat with your stomach and respond to your friends stares with, "What's your problem? I'm pregnant."
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