See A Baby Zonkey And Consider These 6 Reasons You Should Get One


According to the Internet, a zebra at an animal reserve in Florence, Italy, recently climbed over his protective fence and mated with a donkey in the next enclosure. The coupling has resulted in the ridiculous adorableness that is Ippo the Zonkey. We kind of need one right now.

6 Reasons To Get A Zonkey

- The kids are already getting bored with the turtle.

- It would be useful for transporting large loads of laundry to the basement.

- You can start party conversations with "Guess what animal I just got?" and then let people guess for HOURS.

- Well it’s not like you can get a tigerephant, that’s just not practical for a family.

- When that one Mom at drop-off keeps going on and on about her perfect life you can be all like, "Whatever, I've got a zonkey."

- Their animal classificiation is “zebroid.” WHAT MORE REASON DO YOU NEED?

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