Top 9 Benefits Of Giving Birth In Walmart

VIA: Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte, iStockphoto/Thinkstock

9. It’s highly likely there’s some type of solvent in Automotive that will remove meconium stains.

8. You can finally redeem that coupon for a half-price episiotomy.

7. Other shoppers’ phone pics will ensure you’ll finally be featured on People of Walmart.

6. Those huge flatscreens in Electronics are waaay better than those crappy little TVs in the hospital’s delivery room.

5. Ice chips out; Cherry ICEEs in!

4. It’s a HUGE timesaver to scan items to your baby’s gift registry between contractions.

3. If your baby ends up being colicky, you can take him back and exchange for a new one. Walmart honors all returns within 90 days!

2. The disinfectant wipes provided at the front entrance are super-handy for visitors.

1. You can live out your dream of grabbing a courtesy phone and announcing “Clean-up in Aisle 5!”

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