Top 9 Best Reasons to Serve Kids Hot Dogs

VIA: Steve Ross/E+/Getty Images
They make an excellent side dish when serving ketchup.
They take like seven seconds to prepare (and that’s if they’re heated!).
Hey, hot dog farmers gotta make a living, too!
Hot dogs are the traditional fare of 4th of July barbecues and baseball, which is America's national pastime. Can you say year-round patriotism?
Easy math: 8 dogs in a pack divided by 4 kids = 2 each.
Compared to the stuff kids’ll eat out of the couch cushions, hot dogs seem positively nutritious.
How else will we pass the Oscar Mayer wiener song along to another generation?
Guessing what’s actually in hot dogs generates lively family discussion at the dinner table.
Unlike grilled eggplant, Portobello mushrooms and fresh vegetables, my kids will eat hot dogs.
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