8 EmbraRrssring Spelling Fails

Seriously, guys, taking a second look will work wonders.

VIA: Acidcow

You Want A Spelling Ribbon, Enter A F**king Spelling Bee

[Via: Acidcow]

Don’t Tell Your Dad What I Got Him For His Birthday

[Via: Acidcow]

If We Fundraise Enough Can We Buy Them A K?

[Via: Barnorama]

Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Steert!

[Via: Blogger]

Just Revoked!

[Via: Failblog]

Really? My Kids Poop Corn For Free At All Hours

[Via: Izismile]

The Floors Are Wet But The Gas Is Cheap

[Via: Izismile]

We’re Proud, But We’re Thinking The Bar Was Kind Of Low

[Via: The Clearly Dope]

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