How George Lucas' Wedding Will Go, According To My Kids

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

9. Officiant: CGI hologram.

8. Bridal gown: Carrie Fisher’s Leia outfit.

7. Bridesmaids: Ewoks, in matching lavender dresses.

6. Groomsmen: The penguins from Madagascar, who, bonus, are already wearing tuxes!

5. Ringbearer: The kid who played Short Round in "Temple Of Doom!" I mean he's probably like 50 now but whatever, ADORABLE.

4. All wedding guests introduced by James Earl Jones, GOD THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME.

3. Wedding march out; Imperial march in.

2. Every time someone clinks a glass, there's a 20-minute lightsaber duel.

1. Awesome LEGO Death Star wedding favors.

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