Top 9 Kids Toys That I Desperately Want For Myself

VIA: Lawren/Flickr/Getty Images
Giant Sit-N’-Spin: Can you imagine a few drinks and a spin on this? (Actually, nevermind, I’d totally throw up.)
Pirate Ship Clubhouse: Where Mommy and Daddy’s ‘friendly’ times could take a far more interesting spin.
Power Wheels Anything: I never got one. I want one now.
Nerf Guns: Boss wants to keep you late? NOPE. Someone at the gym wants your treadmill? NOPE.
Slip-N-Slide: Parents and frat boys agree: Why isn’t there an adult version of this yet?
Bounce House: See No. 5.
Ball-Pit: Reward for the end of a vicious and bouncy workout. Plus, the adult version would have way less months-old dried pee!
Laser Tag: Because I liked “Star Wars” way before my teen started bringing all his nerd friends around.
My own iPad back: Please? For one minute?

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