Mary Ingalls Didn't Actually Go Blind From Scarlet Fever and Other Disappointments

VIA: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Breaking news from the world of Children’s literature: According to historical analysis, Mary Ingalls didn’t actually go blind from Scarlet Fever. It’s like everything we ever thought we knew has been turned upside-down. Other shocking stories we’re likely to see soon:

• Hardtack not actually delicious.

• Pa usually wore shirts. (Darn.)

• Sweeping dirt floor revealed to be pointless.

• Nellie Olsen just misunderstood.

• Bathing kids by melting snow in the washtub = no one’s hair was shiny, bouncy, and clean all the time in 1882.

• Mary not as saint-like as we think; once scrawled “Almanzo is a hottie” on outhouse door.

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