Top 9 Responses From Moms To Celebrity “Exhaustion”

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Lindsay Lohan, you poor thing. We moms DEEPLY SYMPATHIZE with your exhaustion, even if we don't exactly call the paramedics when we nod off at lacrosse practice.
I'm exhausted too! Can I get treatment? A nap? Five hours of consecutive sleep? NO? Ugh! Fine, just give me that Diet Coke.
My HMO denied exhaustion-treatment coverage because apparently it's been a preexisting condition since I gave birth.
I'm so exhausted, I fell asleep at Chuck E. Cheese last weekend, and that place sounds like f**king bombs are going off.
My kids are so much more excited for bedtime since I started saying, "Come on, kids! You're like celebrities! It's time to treat your exhaustion!"
Must be awful. I find myself looking forward to root canals, where at least I get to lay in a chair for 45 minutes.
If exhaustion specialists are anything like my kid's allergy doctor, there will be a nine-month wait for an appointment.
See, this frozen double mocha frappuccino isn't a luxury. It's prescription.
Pro tip for Dina Lohan: It's hard to enforce your kid's bedtime habits when you're drinking with her until 2 a.m.
I tried using exhaustion as an excuse once. Turns out the kids still had to eat.
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