Top 9 Most Embarrassing Things Your Kids Have Said In Public

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We asked, you answered. Here are our picks for the 9 most embarrassing things your kids have said in public.

“When my son was 4 we went into the women's restroom and he yelled, ‘DON'T WORRY LADIES, I'M A BOY BUT I'M IN THE GIRLS BATHROOM WITH MY MOM BECAUSE I HAVE TO POOP REALLY BAD!’ Everyone thought it was hilarious.” - Amy Festian Levert
“My 5-year-old brought play handcuffs to Wal-Mart. When I wasn't looking, he handcuffed himself to the cart. I turned around and he yells out, ‘Mom! Why do you have to handcuff me to the cart?!’ I died.” - Jody Johnson
“I told my daughter to hurry getting out of the car because mommy had to potty. She trotted after me all the way from the car to the restroom in the store shouting, ‘Mommy don't pee your pants!’” - Kati Morris
“My 4-year-old daughter held a package of razors up at the checkout line at the supermarket and announced loudly, ‘These are for my Mom’s HAIRY HAIRY legs!’” - Tracey Carroll Menier
“When my oldest was 3, we took our cat to the vet to get fixed. Both my kids say the ‘ca’ or ‘c’ sound with a ‘ta.’ So instead of saying how wonderful the KITTIES were, she went in saying ‘Aweeeee tute titty! Look at all the tute titties mama! There's a black titty, orange titty, white titty, titties everywhere!’” - Susan Elizabeth
“To a random shopper at Target, my 5-year-old says, 'My mommy has a lady beard' (points to my vagina).” - Jackelyn Pierce
“Told me he had to go to the bathroom, then very loudly asked if there were any penis-eating birds in there, then started shrieking that he didn't want the bird to get his penis.” - Angelica Leroy
“My little sister at 2 or 3 said, ‘Eww, you need to brush your teeth,’ to an older man that said she was the cutest little girl he'd ever seen.” - Alicia Martin
“At the top of his voice, in the grocery store, in sing song: ‘I have a scrotum’ over and over... That was the quickest grocery trip in history.” - Janell Ann Warkentin Wolfinger
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