Top 9 Most Unforgettable Passive-Aggressive Quotes From My Mother-In-Law

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock, Jonathan Oakes/Photolibrary/Getty Images
“Oh you poor thing, looks like the maid quit, huh?”
“You’ve really helped my son be more adventurous. He used to gag at meals like this.”
“It’s wonderful that you make a salary too, dear. Every little bit helps!”
“OK, kids, time to give your tired Mommy a break and bring in the professionals!”
“That dress looks lovely on you. And there’s so little material in the bust, you can spill without staining.”
“It’s great that you got a dog that matches the carpet so you still don’t have to vacuum!”
“What a wonderful dessert! No wonder my son looks like a 4-H show pig.”
“Of course you can put us in the will to raise the kids if something happens to you. Just watch your back!”
“You finally filled out a little! We used to be concerned.”
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