An Obituary for Sex

An Obituary for Sex

Tombstone Generator

After many ins and outs and ups and downs, Sex was finally laid to rest on Wednesday, August 31, 2010 (hump day).

In its younger days, Sex was very active, especially on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. On more rare occasions, Sex could be found under the table, on the bathroom vanity, and in the back of the car.

Sex started its decline when a womb-mate arrived 12 months earlier. Odd cravings, swollen ankles, and leaky breasts did little to revive Sex. Eventually, the womb-mate moved into the bedroom causing Sex to deteriorate further. Sex rallied briefly after the six-week check up, but the recovery was short lived.

Sex will be missed by Mom, who is reading romance novels, sleeping with earplugs, and recharging her breast pump. Sex will also be missed by Dad, who is finding things very hard.

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