Top 9 Reasons I Actually Go To Yoga

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock
A Facebook status about yoga is much cooler than a Facebook status about grocery shopping.
Child’s pose has nothing to do with the overpriced school pictures I just purchased.
After spending all week bending over backwards for my kids, it’s nice to bend over backwards for myself for a change.
I may not achieve a lifetime of inner peace, but I’ll take an hour of peace and quiet.
All those Goldfish cracker calories aren’t going to burn themselves off.
It’s amazing how perky my boobs are in the upside-down poses!
One day of yoga justifies one week of wearing yoga pants.
The sex noises made by surrounding yogis is the most action I’ve gotten in awhile.
I’m actually talking about the new wine bar Yoga that just opened down the street.
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