Top 9 Reasons I Can Already Tell My Kindergartener Will Never Be President of the United States

VIA: Flickr: Sharon Mollerus
In America, every child has a chance to grow up to become President of the United States, right? WRONG. Not even close.
He doesn't even know the name of our CURRENT president. He keeps calling him A-rock Bo-bama!
When I asked him who he would choose as his running-mate he said SpongeBob SquarePants. What, he thinks he's gonna win an election catering to the "under the sea" vote? Pick someone from a swing state!
He throws a tantrum whenever I make his bedtime story the Constitution.
His speech at the supermarket checkout aisle on why I should buy him a pack of Skittles did NOT convince me to buy him a pack of Skittles.
He couldn't even talk his way out of Broken Vase-Gate 2011!
He's never even been picked to be the leader of the line to recess.
Would the President of the United States carry around his stuffed turtle everywhere he goes? No, he wouldn't.
On our trip to Washington DC, we took him to every sightseeing spot in the entire city and his favorite place was the McDonalds PlayPlace!
We haven't told him this yet, but he was born in Mexico.
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