Top 9 Reasons Moms Aren't Allowed To Get Sick

VIA: Hemera/Thinkstock
It’s kinda hard to “sleep it off” when people keep banging on your door and screaming, “Where's Mommy?”
After two days, the house would resemble a garbage barge.
Your kids' homework won't finish itself. Unless Google does that now? Ooh, I should look into that.
With the amount of Nickelodeon that would be watched, your TV may explode.
Your kids think TLC stands for Tantrums, Late-Night Whine-Fests, Complaining.
Someone in that place would figure out how to post to your Facebook account.
Forget starving a cold — you’d starve your family.
Your kids can’t read a doctor’s note.
Good luck getting sympathy —you probably got it from your little germ factories in the first place.
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