Top 9 Reasons Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Have It All That Bad in ‘Gravity’

VIA: Getty Images

Sure, her shuttle is stranded in space and she’s probably going to die, but let’s look at the sunny side here, people.

Well, for starters she’s stuck with George Clooney for an hour and a half.
...which is longer than most of his relationships, so double-win.
The “flying aimlessly through space” thing sounds really peaceful.
Every window offers a sweet ocean view.
There’s no twerking in space.
Who needs to diet? Spacesuits cover everything!
Just imagine the Instagrams from space. So. Many. Likes.
She’s 49 and the only effect gravity has on her is Oscar buzz. Hero.
On the one hand, she’s stuck in orbit with little hope for survival. On the other, no one’s screaming at her for new underpants.
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