Top 9 Reasons Thanksgiving is So Much Better Than Halloween

VIA: Blend Images/Thinkstock, iStock/Thinkstock
You can reuse the same pilgrim/Native American/vaguely colonial costumes every year. Pilgrims don’t change!
Elaborate decorations are unnecessary; throw a few pinecones on the table and you’re GOOD TO GO.
Knocking on strangers’ doors in search of possibly safe candy is not required.
Much lower chance of getting your house egged on Thanksgiving night.
Out: Decorating pumpkins. In: Eating them!
Your kids will not be high on candy corn.
You don’t have to answer the doorbell every two to three minutes.
Once the football game comes on, everyone pretty much leaves you alone.
You get to eat like a pig, sleep like a baby and go shopping the next day.
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