Top 9 Reasons To Say "Thanks, Kids!"

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Thanks for going limp the minute we arrived at the zoo. It was fun carrying you for two hours!
Thanks for tracking mud all over the house. Finding you was a breeze!
Thanks for hiding under the table at the pediatrician’s office. I enjoyed showing off my parenting skills.
Thanks for leaving gummies in your cup holder. It’ll hold all the real cups in there really tightly!
Thanks for the wet towel hidden in your dresser drawer. We all got a valuable lesson on mold cultivation!
Thanks for mentioning loudly that the lady next to us at the store smelled weird. I'm sure she took it as a compliment!
Thanks for spilling your red juice on the carpet. Having just one color throughout the whole room was so boring!
Thanks for telling Nana that “Mom thought the toys you brought were junk." I'm sure she's proud that we're teaching you the value of honesty.
Thanks for ruining my boobs. I was pretty much done with the beach anyway.
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