Top 9 Reasons You Deserve the Title of "The Walking Dead"

VIA: Henry Steadman/Photolibrary/Getty Images

"The Walking Dead" is back on AMC — but don’t let them keep that cool “walking dead” moniker all to themselves. As a mom, you’ve earned it well more than any ridiculous "zombies."

Unscientific studies have shown that shuttling children between soccer practice, dance class and Kindermusik takes years off your life.
Anyone going for that “post-apocalyptic” look should consider filming in your playroom after 4 p.m.
You can live for days on a handful of Cheerios and scraps of bread crust.
What’s more terrifying than throngs of flesh-eating undead? Tweenage sleepovers.
There are no "safe zones" in your house. Not even the laundry room. Tried it.
You frequently wake to the sounds of bloodthirsty screaming.
Zombie hunters get longer, more regular bathroom breaks than you.
You can’t even stay awake for an entire episode of “The Walking Dead.”
Zombies eat away at your brains, kids eat away at your brains… let’s just call it a draw.
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