Top 9 Reasons Your Mother-In-Law Comes In Handy

She's coming for four days, so you might as well look on the bright side.
Just in case you've forgotten, she reminds you how lucky you are that her son chose you.
You become adept at Google searches that contain the words "passive-aggressive" and "bludgeon."
She'll make you appreciate your own mother. Even if you were abandoned as a baby.
She'll helpfully tell you where everything in your house is supposed to go ...
... and oh-so-thoughtfully teach you how to raise your kids!
She makes divorce sound not so bad, really.
It's actually a pretty fun game to match her personality flaws with those of your husband!
She sheds some light on why your father-in-law's vocabulary is limited to grunting and "I'll be in the car."
You have the answer if you're ever asked what human form the devil assumes.
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