Top 9 Ridiculous Things I'd Name My Baby If I Were Famous Enough

VIA: Flickr: jking89/Thinkstock
Because when us average folks name our kids something that means "peace for all people" in Chinese, all we get are funny looks at day care.
Siri: Perhaps fate will make her more helpful than MyKid, MyKid 2, MyKid 3, MyKid 4 and MyKid 4s.
Noodle: No reason. Just fun to say.
Comforter: Blanket was my first choice, but I wouldn't want to COPY ANYONE.
Purple Palm: The color/foliage combo: Good enough for Beyoncé, good enough for me.
Hermione: For the non-famous = creepy. For the famous = TRENDSETTING!
Vanilla Latte: A warm and loving tribute to the reason I make it from 1 to 4 p.m.
Hybrid: Because this kid is a hybrid of me and my famous husband, and definitely not just because I'm a fan of the "Vampire Diaries."
Cookie Cake: So that I can always be reminded of how sweet my love for her is. And how much I love cookie cakes.
Money Pit: I call 'em how I see 'em, folks.
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