Scenes from "Mom Idol"

VIA: Karen Moskowitz/Stone/Getty Images

The show where moms sing in front of their children judges!

- All the judges would be sooooooo embarrassed.

- Most common judge response: "What IS that song? I've never heard it before. What is ‘Bananarama’?"

- Most common mom response: "You're just cranky because you need a nap!"

- Would mark the first time contestants audition with "Wheels on the Bus."

- If the judges are split, moms could pull the guilt trip card of "I carried you for 9 months before you could even be a judge!"

- Every judge would be wearing outfits just as nonsensical as Nicki Minaj.

- No mom would be named the winner because all moms are "looooosssssseeeeers!"

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