Top 9 Signs It's Time To Change Pediatricians

# 9
Asks you what that "weird blue line" running through your child's wrist is.
# 8
She keeps looking things up on Wikipedia.
# 7
Requests that you not schedule appointments when your child is sick because she has a thing about germs.
# 6
Refers to all newborn babies as "little balls of poo."
# 5
Mispronounces "antibiotic."
# 4
When you call the after-hours emergency number, you reach an escort service.
# 3
Answers every question with, "You have Siri, right?"
# 2
Subtly suggests your child could use a shot or two of Botox.
# 1
When you ask her where she got her medical degree, she replies, "Kinko's."
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