Top 9 Signs You Might Be An Overprotective Mom

VIA: D. Anschutz/Digital Vision/Getty Images
We all love our kids, but if that love means sealing them in bubble-wrap and personally joining them on every bus ride, then it might be less "love" and more "budding developmental disorder."
How often do you find yourself staring at other children on the playground and growling? More than twice a day? Alright, then yes, that’s a sign.
And the training wheels on the tricycle are kind of a giveaway.
You've spent weeks trying to determine if your insurance plan covers microchip-tracking implants.
You pre-chew all of his food. And you’re not a bird. And he’s 14.
You've determined that child-safety bars aren't nearly as effective as simply boarding up the windows, hurricane-style.
Your child’s request to the ice cream man must be shouted from your side, at least 10 feet away.
The hand sanitizer people send you wonderfully thoughtful birthday cards.
You make your kid wear floaties to her high-school swim meet.
Before you let your mom in to visit you ask for two forms of identification.
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