Top 9 Signs You're In For A Bad Parent-Teacher Conference

VIA: Evelyn Peyton/E+/Getty Images
It begins, "I guess we should start by talking about the fires..."
Your child’s “strengths” include “breathing” and “having arms.”
There’s a chair in the corner with your kid’s name engraved on it.
The teacher looks at your son’s name and says, “You’re his mom? But you look so normal.”
You’re immediately handed a pamphlet titled “When Your Child is Terrible.”
The teacher has requested that the principal sit in. And a few members of the high school wrestling team.
Before the conference your child asks if he can stay at Grandma’s house “until you calm down.”
The posted classroom behavior chart goes from “PERFECT” to “KEVIN”.
The teacher starts by opening a bottle of wine and saying, “I think we’re both gonna need this.”
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