Top 9 Hits Reimagined For Father’s Day

VIA: Miroslav Georgijevic/E+/Getty Images
“Tilt Ya Head Back (So I Can Extract The Bucky Ball From Ya Nose)”
“I Hope You Dance, But Then Play Sports, I’ll Love You No Matter What But Please Play Sports”
“Single Babies (Put a V-Ring On It)”
“(Glad Your Mother Is Doing The Potty-Training Because Your Poop Is) Toxic”
“I Will Wait (For Two Minutes, TWO, Do You Hear Me?)”
“Harlem Shaky Egg”
“Boom Boom Pow (You’re Fallin’ Down The Stairs And Your Mom Is Going To Kill Me)”
“We Are Never Ever Going To ‘Music Together’ ”
“Sigh No More, And Stop Rolling Your Eyes Too”
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