Top 9 Things The Harbaugh Brothers' Mom Probably Said To Them This Weekend

VIA: Getty Images

And you thought your kids’ sibling rivalry was obnoxious: On Feb. 3, John and Jim Harbaugh will make history as the first brothers to coach against each other in a Super Bowl, John with the Baltimore Ravens and Jim with the San Francisco 49ers. That has to be hard on their poor mother.

“Now boys, you know I love both of your football teams equally.”
“Maybe you could compete to see who could get his high school crap out of my basement faster?”
“Boys, I’m Skype-ing with Mee-Maw, come tell her about your little game!”
“Why are you making those guys tackle each other? I don’t know about this football.”
“Did you know your other brother Jake is a heart surgeon? Now that’s a job with a future.”
“How come you never have the 49ers over for dinner anymore?”
“Do you have any IDEA what time you boys got in after your conference championships?”
“Oh I guess The Greatest Football Coaching Brothers In History think they can get away with NOT PUTTING THEIR SOCKS IN THE HAMPER.”
“Remember, boys, football isn’t a guarantee, so I really think you should finish your liberal arts degrees.”
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