Top 9 Things I'm Actually Doing When I Tell My Kids I'm "Working Online"

VIA: Juzant/Digital Vision/Thinkstock
Googling "How To Convince Daughter She Doesn't Want Guinea Pigs Anymore."
Reading basically all of Mindy Kaling’s Twitter feed.
Pinning hip, trendy new workouts that I’ll never try.
Pinning margarita recipes that I'll definitely try.
Reading about potty training Channing Tatum.
I mean, it's not like I should let that Netflix subscription go to waste.
Shopping for crap I don’t need, like moccasins or an immersion blender.
Napping/drooling on keyboard.
Updating my Facebook status to read: “Love when my kids think I’m “working” and really I’m [insert Nos. 9-2]!”
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