Top 9 Things Moms Will Ask Themselves Repeatedly This Winter

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Is it possible to get gloves on a four-year-old in under two hours?
How many Kleenex does it take to stop the rivers of snot pouring forth from my child’s face?
Does my baby look cute in this bunny-ear hat, or like Donnie Darko?
Since it’s dark by 4pm, can we move bedtime up to 5:30?
Why don’t strollers have heated handrails and hot chocolate dispensers?
Why did Charlie Brown get that tree? HE KNOWS IT’S A TERRIBLE TREE!
Why is it below freezing, yet my toddler is still taking off all her clothes?
Could I put my oldest child on ice skates and attach him to the stroller?
Will anyone notice if I fill this sippy cup with eggnog?
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