Top 9 Things There's No Chance in Hell Your Kids Will Eat

VIA: Lynn Koenig/Flickr/Getty Images
Brussels sprouts: Even if you shape them into chicken nuggets.
The healthy sandwiches you make: Even if you serve them in a bag with a toy inside.
Fruit: Gummies don’t count.
Calamari: Especially if you have any Squidward fans who can connect the dots.
Peas and carrots: As soon as they're old enough to not need them pureed, it's over.
Cauliflower: It’s unlikely that your kids will fall for the old “It’s just a Bloomin' Onion!” trick.
Avocado: Unless you can convince them it’s the same substance used in sliming.
Green beans: Now you’re just embarrassing yourself.
Anything you cook.
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