Top 9 Things To Say To Your Husband During The Super Bowl To Be Purposely Annoying

VIA: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock
What’s a first down? Wait, then what’s a home run? Why are you shushing me?
I promised Kimmie that you’d take her to Eliza’s princess party, remember? You’ll only miss the first half! And maybe part of the second.
I don’t care what team you grew up with, that one has better outfits.
Fine, not outfits. Costumes.
Instead of beer I made appletinis!
I’ll make you a deal: You get the TV for the first half, I get it for “Downton Abbey” after.
Of course I didn’t buy any snacks — remember, we’re cutting back on salt in 2013.
When’s intermission? I want to see Beyonce.
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