Top 9 Things To Say To Your Husband During The NBA Finals To Be Purposefully Annoying

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Why does he get three-points for that? Wait he’s just allowed to take the ball from the other guy? Why are you shushing me?
That’s tonight? Sorry but we have the Middle School Tuba competition. Let’s get in the car.
OMG REWIND! I think they just showed Justin Bieber in the crowd! Girls come see!
Which one was married to Eva Longoria?
You wanted to watch that? Sorry I’m having the girls over for “Real Housewives.”
What? I thought there were seven games? You weren’t planning to watch all of them were you?
I don’t care who “we’re” supposed to be rooting for – I like the guys in the red shoes.
[Insert 20-minute monologue on sexiness of LeBron James]
When’s intermission? Is Beyonce performing again?
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