Top 9 Ways I Justify The Crappy Meals I Sometimes Serve My Kids

Those hot dogs were totally nitrate-free.
We lived on Kool-Aid and discount deli salami when I was their age, and I seem to have not died.
Pepperoni pizza technically includes dairy, meat, breads, fruits AND vegetables, if you count that whole ongoing tomato argument.
There is no study that proves Martha Stewart’s family is healthier than mine.
Fries contain Vitamin, um, F.
Come on, how much of a difference is there between homemade waffles and frozen ones? Waffles are waffles, yo.
You can’t tell me Gordon Ramsay doesn’t snarf the occasional Pop-Tart.
Three words: moderation, moderation, eh whatever.
If I cooked using only organically-grown pesticide-free non-genetically modified plants and minerals they’d make it about three bites before sobbing for Lucky Charms.
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