Top 9 Ways to Make Spending New Year's Eve with Your Toddler AWESOME!

VIA: Roberto Muñoz/Flickr/Getty Images
Savor the final seconds of 2012 that much longer by putting your toddler in charge of the backwards countdown from 10!
Drink your champagne out of sippy cups!
Turn the sound of every fireworks' explosion into a super exciting game of "What's that?!?"
Have your toddler give the NYE toast! Will make more sense and be more coherent than the boozed up toast your best friend gave last year.
Go crazy with the party hats! Unlike your friends, toddlers aren't "too cool."
NYE noisemakers are the one chance a year you may actually be able to make more noise than your child. Show you're up for the challenge!
Getting a NYE kiss from your 2-year-old is a total upgrade from a slobbery, drunken smooch from the hubby!
Sick of failing at your New Year’s Resolutions? Now you can use the super-achievable "Have more fun on New Year’s Eve 2013!"
Play a game of " Which of Us Can Stay Awake 'Til The Ball Drops?" Not as easy to win as you might think!
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