Top 9 Ways to Respond When Your Kid Wants to be Kim Kardashian for Halloween

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But sweetie, you were painted up like a clown last year.
You're actually more of a Kourtney.
Why don't you go as Bruce Jenner instead? Just find any creepy plastic mask.
I'm sorry, I must have misheard 'Kim Kardashian' when you clearly said either 'Eleanor Roosevelt.' Or 'Amelia Earhart.'
Sorry, honey, but Halloween is canceled this year. You know who canceled it? Kim Kardashian. That’s right. YOU STILL WANNA BE HER NOW?!
I can tell the babysitter's been obeying my "age-appropriate TV" rule.
Can’t you just be Kanye instead? He’s actually famous for a reason.
No, no, no, Mommy's not laughing at you. She’s laughing at Kim Kardashian. But if you want to dress up like Kim Kardashian, THEN Mommy will be laughing at you.
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