Can You Guess the No. 1 Most Irritating Type of Plane Passenger?

VIA: Peter Dazeley/Iconica/Getty Images

In a recent Expedia poll, parents who neglect their kids while traveling were voted the most annoying type of airplane passenger, beating out seat-back kickers, travelers with body odor, drunks and "chatty-Cathy types.” Inattentive parents respond:

What Annoys Inattentive Parents on Flights

• Fellow passengers who didn't bring spare snacks for everyone's kids.

• That lady in 29A who stopped waving back to my son 20 minutes into the waving game. What, like your Skymall is so interesting?

• People who clog up the aisle when my sons are clearly trying to play Frisbee there.

• The flight attendant who's all, "You really need to wake up, your baby crawled away again." Dude, I'm trying to catch some zzzs here!

• The guy in front of us. Man, is he HUFFY about my kid kicking him! He doesn't know any better, he's 7!

• Look, it just so happens that my baby likes playing with your hair. Why do you have to be so uptight?

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