How’s THIS For Back To School?

VIA: iStockphoto/Thinkstock, Comstock/Thinkstock

This week, a woman in the throes of labor stopped at her son’s elementary school to take him to the hospital, and — funny story — ended up giving birth right there in the nurse’s office. There are lots of reasons this isn’t exactly the idea situation.

Downsides of Giving Birth in an Elementary School Nurse’s Office

- After hours of pushing, someone puts a "Great Job!" sticker on the baby's forehead.

- Nurse knows a lot about lice prevention, not all that much about birthing techniques.

- Post-birth meal: chicken nuggets, tater tots.

- “I’m afraid we don’t have any ice chips, but can I offer you a Capri Sun?”

- When you're ready to leave, the office has to call your mom to pick you up.

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