The Benefits of Confusing A Hernia With A Full-Term Pregnancy

VIA: Zero Creatives/Cultura/Thinkstock

A 44-year-old Michigan woman had no idea she was pregnant until doctors did an ultrasound to check out her hernia pain, which turned out to be labor pain. Having only 15 hours to prepare for a baby might have some upsides:

• Did not have to play awkward games with great-aunts at Baby Shower.

• No obnoxious comments from co-workers about that diet Coke you had at lunch.

• No lying awake with guilt if you just really just wanna sleep on your right side.

• No one tells you that scary-as-hell pregnancy horror story that happened to her cousin’s friend’s Facebook friend.

• Not spending the final three months of pregnancy fielding hilarious “You’re STILL pregnant?” jokes.

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