Your Childless Friend On: The Right Time to Talk to Your Kids About "The Birds and the Bees"

Dear Childless Friend,

My six-year-old daughter just asked me where babies come from. What should I tell her?

Prematurely Explaining Naughty Intercourse Sucks


At that young age, the easiest thing to do is to tell her that babies are grown in and harvested from lettuce patches. You can show her any Anne Geddes photograph as proof.

- Your Childless Friend

Dear Childless Friend,

My young son recently walked in on Mommy and Daddy, uh, wrestling in the bedroom. How can I explain it to him?

- Going Down for the Count

Dear Going Down,

Tell him that his parents graduated high school with a combined GPA of 2.6 and are therefore incapable of operating the lock on their bedroom door.

- Your Childless Friend

Dear Childless Friend,

My nine-year-old son recently began asking some rather specific questions about sex. My husband believes we should be completely open and honest with him. He even suggested we buy him a rather graphic book about human sexuality! Am I an idiot for thinking that we should allow children to be children for as long as humanly possible?

- Forever Young and Innocent

Dear FYI,


- Your Childless Friend

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