MFF: Mom Friends Forever

MFF: Mom Friends Forever follows the real lives of Judi and Kate, mom best friends from St. Louis, Missouri. They're juggling work (at a radio station and grocery store), kids (two each) and relationships (marriage and divorce), and they produce and star in a web show just for moms. In between early morning shifts, school pick ups and the endless loads of laundry, they're living their dream of connecting with other parents ... and laughing along the way.

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Meet the Cast

  • Kate White

    Kate White

    Kate grew up small-town Illinois. She has the spirit of a dancer, the mouth of a sailor, and is more honest than anyone is really asking for. She considers herself a Roman candle – full of spark and fire.

  • Judi Diamond

    Judi Diamond

    Judi is a transplant from L.A., a Valley girl turned country music DJ. She's going through more life changes than she can count, but she faces them all with a wicked wit and sexy sense of humor.